Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Something Relevant

Am thinking about a lecture I'll need to give in May at a Language & Literature Seminar we're arranging. Have got a title: The Textuality of Bob Dylan, which I really like. The problem now is that I'm not sure what I mean by textuality. But it should be fun finding out.

It seems that a key theme of the whole seminar is the notion of 'staying relevant'. Since I have a horror of the very notion of relevance, having a taste for the mightily irrelevant, it's going to be tricky to make anything I say fit in. Dylan, I reckon, has stayed relevant through a mixture of being splendidly himself and continually trying to find out who he is. But I'm not sure that's going to go down well with folk yearning to discover what it takes to  find out what everyone wants in order to be the same as everyone else.

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