Monday, January 30, 2017


We decided to enjoy a Chinese New Year afternoon at downtown KLCC and it looked like the rest of KL elected to follow suit. It was crowded to the point that we couldn't even get parking on our usual level (where we've had no trouble finding a place for twelve years or so.) I spent an hour or so fairly fruitlessly in the big Kinokuniya there and Noi went jalan jalan solo, as is her wont.

The big mistake I made was in exiting the bookstore a little earlier than I'd intended and completing The Road, which I just happened to be carrying with me in case of such an emergency, whilst awaiting The Missus. The ending of McCarthy's novel is just as devastating as everything else in it, only more so. It sort of took the top of my head off, taking me to anywhere but where I was. This was not wise, considering the hyper-public nature of the location. I felt like I'd had an out-of-body experience of the most disturbing kind. Fortunately I'd regained equilibrium by the time Noi arrived, but I'm not going to try that again.

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