Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fun & Games

It's a packed day ahead. Having heroically cleared my marking this morning, I'm off for a game of futsal in a minute or two, to be followed by a celebratory BBQ this afternoon (for little Safiy, from whom the invite for the futsal came), to be followed by the SSO doing their stuff this evening with a mixture of Adams (can't wait) and Bernstein (ditto.) We're taking Fafa to the concert since she's a bit of a serious music listener these days.

Am now psyching myself up to survive the futsal by telling myself to linger stoically in defence and not run round like a maniac like last time. Wish me luck!

Futsal survived, I think. Lots of youngsters on the pitch meant I didn't have to run into big open spaces, so I wisely lingered, mopping up at the back, occasionally falling over.

Excellent concert. The soloist in the Adams's Violin Concerto was a local lass, Kam Ming, who can definitely play more than a bit. She did the whirling dervish, bluegrass thing to perfection and then some more. And the West Side Story stuff offered much to wallow in. Very struck by how many of the lovely bits are so reminiscent of Aaron Copeland.

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