Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Road Ahead

We spent the early part of the evening at a class for the Haj at the mosque at the top of Still Road out at Geylang. We were there last Saturday also, when we saw Ustad Haron for the first time for quite a while. He's lost none of his good humour, or general sense of sane goodness.
The main reason for our attendance is the strong possibility, Insha'Allah, that we'll get a visa to do the pilgrimage this year. We've had the necessary injections, made the travel arrangements, and fixed things for me to take leave of absence from work, so it just needs that final vital step to be taken and we'll be on our way in around three weeks.
Circumstances being what they are, those three weeks look to be crammed with work, so it's likely to be all go before we can go, as it were. I've drawn up a very, very short list of stuff I'd like to read before we leave but I have doubts I'll manage to clear it, despite the fact there's only one book on there.
This is all very, very exciting in a slightly uncomfortable fashion.

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