Friday, August 5, 2016

Pure Relaxation

Much as I enjoy watching my own drama guys in action, it's a joy to sit and watch our other performing groups in a state of total relaxation, not having to worry about the five thousand and one things that can go wrong in live performance. (Make that five thousand and two - I've just thought of another.)

The measure of the enjoyment experienced by the Missus and I watching our dancers do their very considerable thing earlier this evening can be summed up by her instruction to me at the end of it all to, Tell Aloysius next time to announce that everyone in the theatre should get up and dance along with the dancers for the final number, as that's exactly what she wanted to do by that stage. Perhaps it's wise he announced no such thing, though, as I think any attempt by this old chap to shake his booty might well have ruined the evening for the dance cognoscenti in attendance.

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