Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Social Scene

We've found some time this weekend for socialising of the pleasant, unforced variety, I'm happy to say. Saturday afternoon saw our first high tea of the year in our new quarters, with lots of goodies to feed Boon, Mei, Norharyati & Nahar. Unfortunately Karen & Anthony couldn't make it, but we made the best of things nonetheless, those things including a luscious cheesecake from the Missus and some scones from Yati which looked sadly flat but tasted happily scone-ful.

Then today we attended a wedding celebration out at Jurong for one of Rohana's nieces. The bride had gone for a book-themed wedding, unlikely as that sounds, with centrepieces on the various tables comprising a variety of volumes of old encyclopaedias. Somehow this all made sense - and gave me the opportunity to look up various subjects attendant upon the letter 'H' in one of the volumes on our table. I managed the entries on Hitchcock, Hitler and Historiography in between a couple of delicious plates of nosh and two sweet black coffees. 

The celebration was conducted in the sensible, old-fashioned way, at a void deck tastefully decorated for the occasion; greatly superior, in our eyes at least, to those wedding banquets in swish hotels increasingly favoured by young Malays with a bit of money in their pockets. Somehow the more down-to-earth the occasion is the more relaxed it manages to be.

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