Monday, March 21, 2016

Blank Spaces

Driving back to this Far Place yesterday, with little else to pay attention to on the highway, I noticed just how many advertising billboards there are lining it now, a surprising number of which are entirely blank - I'd guess at least 10% and possibly more. I used to think the blank ones were patiently waiting for their ads to be pasted, but I now suspect there's a considerable over-supply of such space and many will remain blank. I say this because the metal surfaces of quite a number are obviously corroded despite looking as if they've never actually had anything pasted on them. In fact quite a few are in a state of semi-collapse.

So we're cleverly managing to ruin whatever view there is off the highway not just by posting garish advertisements, but by posting exactly nothing on the pointlessly ugly, and most likely unnecessary, structures we've intruded upon whatever landscape there is.

Am I the only person in the world who never buys anything as a result of looking at advertisements? Because, as far as I know, I never do.

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