Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Certain Reluctance

We enjoyed a good old, wide-ranging confab with Duncan last night, before he boarded his flight back to blighty. His work involves a fair amount of on-line activity, and social media of one sort or another occupied some of our attention. Interestingly Duncan objects quite forcibly to pictures of himself or his family being posted on-line so none of the snaps of our encounter will feature here. I can see where he's coming from on this issue despite not sharing his reservations.

Similarly he showed an intuitive understanding of my reluctance to increase the readership of my on-line efforts (i.e., this blog.) It seems his wife, Jane, is writing a blog relating to educational issues and is understandably seeking to increase her readership and thinking of eventually publishing a book derived from her work. Confessing to being a blogger myself, I felt it was better to make clear that the notion of increasing my readership filled me with something beyond reluctance - more akin to a mild panic.

Funnily enough, I can't really explain this reluctance, but that doesn't make it any less real.

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