Saturday, April 16, 2016

On The Move

At the turn of the year I announced I was resolved to keep moving in 2016, and I think I've managed to do so, though not quite in the way I intended back in January. I had it in mind then to factor a few long sight-seeing walks into my itinerary, but that's not happened. Instead I've kept up a fair regimen in the gym, but more importantly in terms of the walking I've found myself scooting round my workplace with a reasonable degree of frequency and alacrity.

That was certainly the case yesterday, to the extent that the old bones were distinctly aching when I got up this morning to drag myself back into work again. We had a bit of an event on in the first half of the morning, and then I had some rehearsing to do. So I found myself creakily on the move again. And here I come to the point, with a cautionary tale for the day.

Once it was all over for the morning and early afternoon I found myself sitting at my desk, ready to make a move in a homewards direction. It was then that I realised I had somehow managed to become untethered from the clipboard holding my precious script and notes and other sundries from the rehearsal, and the diary and small notebook that had also been accompanying me. And this after being ultra-conscious of the need not to mislay such items at this time since I've done so in the past in similar busy periods evoking serious regrets.

So off I go in search of these items, first to the office at which I'd deposited the keys to the rooms I'd been using for the rehearsal. In the office, a decent walk away from where my desk is situated, I find the clipboard but not the diary and notebook. So it's back to my desk to see if I've somehow placed diary and notebook somewhere around, or even in one of my bags without realising. That turns out to be not the case. So off I go back to the office where the keys are - fortunately not yet put away but just lying on the counter where I'd placed them - and then it's onward to the main rehearsal room where I find the diary and notebook (to my huge relief.) This room is at the other end of the school from where my desk is, by the by. Finally I head back to the desk, to at last be able to take my leave, having added a good twenty-five minutes of pointless perambulation to my day - all in the by this time sweltering heat.

Except I suppose it wasn't exactly pointless since at least it kept me moving. I'd rather have been with the Missus, though, on her early morning saunter at the beach in Melaka whence she journeyed to yesterday for a fun-filled Family Day. Lucky her.

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