Saturday, August 15, 2015


Today marks the end of Syawal, the month following Ramadhan in the Muslim calendar, and will thus see an end to the traditional visiting of friends and family that characterises the period. Noi is already out at a friend's where she'll be meeting various of her Qur'an-reading group who'll then be coming to our place (the Missus having prepared various goodies in advance), and then the whole lot of us will be off to various other houses to feast and mingle and mingle and feast.

Unfortunately I found myself with too much work to do to accompany Noi to Rohana's, but I'm now gearing up to enjoying the rest of the afternoon. I'm often asked whether there's an equivalent period given over to such visiting in English culture. The sad fact there isn't, aside from some limited aspects of what goes on around Christmas, always surprises folk here. They don't expect such obvious deprivation in this day and age.

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