Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Reading Time

Our days in Turkey have been uniformly packed, so I haven't got much reading done at all. Not that I expected to. I only brought two books along, one of these being Philosophy of Mind, which I thought I might just dip into, with a view to confirming my understanding of what I'd already covered rather than making any progress in. In the event I've only gone back to a couple of Prof Feser's explications of ideas related to the identity of the mind and brain and those were quite enough for an overseas getaway, thank you.

The other book is Volume 1 in the Penguin edition of Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur. I've encountered so much enthusiasm in odd places for Malory's work over the years that I thought I really should fill in my knowledge of this branch of Eng Lit. Wishing I hadn't now. Have decided some way into Book 4 of TM's recounting of all things Arthurian that this really isn't for me - but I've started, so I'll finish. More of this, unfortunately, later.

Happier reading by far has been the NYRB from early December which I've read cover to cover. Fruitfully depressing articles on a wide range of troubling political developments ranging from Putin's homophobic Russia to the rise of the alt-right in the US of A and Germany. Funnily enough the most hopeful piece was on Somalia, specifically improvements in the capital, Mogadishu.

By the way, I need to correct a reference to a post from a few days back when I talked of Istanbul having only a few bookshops. I now realise that there's quite a healthy number, especially in the backstreets of Beyoglu. I've even seen someone reading a book on one of the trams.

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