Sunday, July 16, 2017

Just Visited

With Noi off tomorrow to look after Mak for a while we've had no time to ask folks round for the usual Raya visits. I reckon that we'd have held our annual Open House Raya Bash this weekend otherwise. Fortunately we managed a pale imitation of the event by playing hosts to Rohana & Osman this afternoon, thus reciprocating their hospitality of the other evening, and Marsha & Omar also came along - which considering the amount of grub Noi confected for our small gathering was further good fortune.

Noi and I are off to bond over a cup of coffee later, ahead of her departure, which will sort of mark the end of a rather odd Syawal for us, but in the final analysis a satisfactory one given what looks to be a positive outcome for Mak's health. Oh, and since Man was looking good, and the health bulletin from John and Maureen on the phone last night contained many more positives than negatives, there are further factors to add to the general cheer.

(Quick update: Noi has just decided against going out for a coffee since she's tired after all her preparing. Instead she's just offered me one of her patented shoulder rubs, so it looks like the perfect end to the perfect afternoon. (Spent the earlier part of the day engaged with the Toad, work, so that bit doesn't count.))

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